Types of breast tumors

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Metaplastic breast cancer is rare, accounting for fewer than 1 percent of all invasive breast cancers. Compared to more common types of breast cancer, metaplastic tumors tend to be larger have a higher tumor grade they are also more likely to be triple negative. There are two types of breast cancer tumors those that are non-cancerous, or benign, and those that are cancerous, which are malignant. When a tumor is diagnosed as benign, doctors will usually leave it alone rather than remove it. A breast tumor may be unilateral (in one breast) or bilateral (in both breasts). Benign breast tumors are usually soft in consistency and mobile (not fixed). These are slow-growing masses with a clearly demarcated margin or may be encapsulated therefore its removal is fairly easy. This type, which is also called triple-negative breast cancer, includes tumors that are er negative, pr negative and her2 negative. Basal-like breast cancers are likely to benefit from chemotherapy. Understanding more about the chemical and genetic makeup of your cancer may help doctors choose the most effective treatment for your specific cancer. Breast cancer can begin in different areas of the breast the ducts, the lobules, or in some cases, the tissue in between.   a tumor is an abnormal mass of tissue that may be benign, premalignant, or cancerous. Find out more about the types of tumor and the outlook for people with each type.   these types of lumps in the breast can quickly grow quite sizable. Antibiotics are the first course of treatment, should they fail, then the abscess needs to be drained by a healthcare professional. Following drainage, the open wound will be tightly packed with gauze to absorb the remaining blood and pus, and the dressing will need to be kept. They develop in the connective tissue (stroma) of the breast, in contrast to carcinomas, which develop in the ducts or lobules. Most are benign, but there are others that are malignant (cancer).

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