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An archival VOC mindset? Archival problems within an early-modern Dutch-Asian context

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Admission needs

This program is part regarding the (Res)MA History Programme. It is really not available for BA pupils.


This Research Seminar is targeted on the archives of this VOC or Dutch East Asia business. It partly functions as a practical, more counterpart that is specific of Literature Seminar. It handles a number of the basic archival problems talked about there, but details them when you look at the context of the seventeenth- and 18th-century Dutch-Asian commercial enterprise. Although the VOC records formally comprised company management, in training in addition they functioned as a huge repository of valuable and key home elevators all kinds of activities in early-modern Asia.

The different staying VOC archives are comprised of several different kinds if not « genres » of papers, including maps. Further, they partly overlap with materials that fall outside of the confines among these collections, but are closely linked to them, such as for instance personal documents, missionary records, travel reports, as well as artwork. These diverse materials had been produced with various purposes, are comprised and organised in various methods, and current information with various perspecitives.

This seminar considers and compares all of these sources from both an archival and a historiographical viewpoint. Lire la suite →

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Brides courageous cold to have Goodwill’s dreamy discount gowns on valentine’s

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The very first time within the seven years that Goodwill Industries has held their yearly blow-out, line-up-before-the-sun-rises bridal purchase extravaganza in nj, the function landed on romantic days celebration.

This coincidence that is calendrical this positioning associated with the movie stars and sweetheart necklines, this convergence of hot hearts and cold money — oh yes, oh yes, it had been supposed to be.

And thus it had been that four bitterly cool hours before the doors launched at 9 a.m. Pat Kissinger and her child, Bonnie, pulled to the parking great deal regarding the Pennsauken store that is retail function as the very first lined up.

« It had been my pal’s birthday celebration night that is last thus I just remained up, » stated, Bonnie, a musician and printmaker from Audubon, Pa.

The chance of shopping for $3,000 dresses at 90 % off made the time and effort and each lost hour of rest worth every penny, she said.

« we have always been a thrifty individual, » she explained.

« I have always been certainly one of 13 children, therefore, thrifty is in our bloodstream, » said her mom.

At 8:15, they left the heat of these idling automobile and staked away their place away from shop’s entry, having a field of donut holes to generally share with all your competitors.

Immediately, a marriage celebration’s worth of brides, moms, aunts and close friends arranged in it.

In, the shop’s staff and wedding that is several’ worth of volunteers were finding your way through the rush. Lire la suite →