Cell Biology Types Of Spermatogenesis, Oogenesis, and Fertilization

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The prevailing models presented in Figure 3 served given that basis for developing hypothesis that is new.

Spermatogenesis ( Figure 3A ): Spermatocytes bring about 4 spermatids, 2 of which may have X intercourse chromosome additionally the other 2 spermatids have actually Y sex chromosome. Just 2 of this 4 spermatids take part in genetic recombination during meiosis we.

Oogenesis ( Figure 3B ): while the 4 gametes aren’t differentiated, the assumption is that any 2 gametes could form the additional oocyte ensuing in a ovum with just one X chromosome.

Fertilization ( Figure 3C ): During fertilization, some of the 4 spermatozoa that are haploid penetrate the ovum and fuse using the X intercourse chromosome to make the zygote. The intercourse regarding the offspring is determined predicated on whether or not the spermatozoon aided by the X or Y chromosome unites with all the X intercourse chromosome when you look at the ovum to make the zygote; leading to feminine (XX) or(XY that is male offspring. 4,6

The cellular biology different types of spermatogenesis, oogenesis, and fertilization had been simulated after differentiating intercourse chromosomes as ancestral and parental into the brand new model ( Figure 4 ). They certainly were methodically analyzed theoretically, while the findings had been presented the following.

New Types Of Spermatogenesis, Oogenesis, and Fertilization


The various phases of spermatogenesis in meiosis I and II, including recombination, leads to the production of 4 haplo Figure 4A. Lire la suite →